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Niso Maman was born in 1957 in Haifa, Israel, into the eleventh generation of one of the oldest families of Israel. In high school he opened his first studio under the direction of the Haifa University Art Department. His formal education in art officially began at the Rothchilde School of Art in 1974, and he complemented this training with a concentration in Photography at the Vitso Art Institute. He quickly established a reputation in Tel Aviv, displaying and selling his work on a regular basis.

After reaching the rank of sergeant in the Israeli Military Forces, Niso embarked on a personal odyssey to study and travel. In Italy, he immersed himself in Michelangelo’s Florence; in Paris, he absorbed Rodin’s influence. He then settled briefly in Holland to explore new methods with ceramics and mosaic art. While there, Niso met several young American artists who persuaded him to move to the United States to further expand his style. This move allowed Niso to mesh his Middle Eastern influences with his Western experiences in Europe. In 1981, he became an assistant at the Bank Street Artists’ Residence and Studios in New York. He then relocated to Florida in 1992, where he continued to develop artistically.

Niso’s ambition and talent quickly earned him national recognition. By 1990, he was operating the Bronze Art Foundry and had opened his own sculpture studio and gallery in West Palm Beach. As he started to concentrate on creating new works in marble, onyx, bronze and steel, he decided to apply his creativity and sharp eye for form and line to teaching – becoming a renowned instructor of stone carving. Since 1996, Niso has been a featured artist in publications and broadcast programs nationwide.

For the past few years, Niso has balanced his time between his studio in Palm Beach and his studio in Israel. Critics continue to laud his unique trademark – a synthesis of the classic torso shape and the modern, abstract impressionist style. His most recent challenge is an ongoing collaboration with the renowned abstract painter Emanuel. Together, these artists devise sculptures that convey the vitality and resonance of music. Niso has been recognized as a leader in the Modern Classic movement. His work is exhibited and collected around the world.


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