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Deika Rae

Deika Rae was born in March 1970 in the small town of Richland, Washington. Both her grandfathers were draftsmen, and Rae's mother and grandmother were artists as well. Her father is a sculptor now living as a captain of a fishing boat in Maui. While no one actively suggested any creative pursuits to Rae, there was a constant creative environment in her childhood home. Her first exposure to art was at the age of 10 when the family moved from Washington to Phoenix. During one of her first few days of school in the new state, the class took a field trip to the Phoenix Art Museum. Though the majority of the artworks showcased Southwestern styles, a special exhibition of Ming Dynasty art most impressed her.

After this exposure, she began experimenting first with #2 pencil pastels. As her drawing skills grew, her style took on more of a vector quality and she began graphic design. Upon high school graduation, she enrolled at Collins Design School in Phoenix, Arizona. She received a BA in Graphic Design and worked for ten years as a graphic designer in Phoenix, Portland and New York City.

Her style evolved into rich abstracts with oil, a medium that afforded her soft fluid movement on canvas. This experimenting led Rae to believe a focus on illustration would improve her overall artistic vision, and made a decision to change from her graphic design career to pursue an illustration education. She finished the Illustration program at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 2003 and began showing work at the Portfolio Center in 2001-2003. She was then featured in an event by the Society of Illustrators in New York City in 2003. Rae's artworks are collected both in the states and internationally.

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