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Barbara DeBord

Nature is deep in my blood. New ways of seeing water, trees and the sun are primary, recurring obsessions of my art.

A journey in 2000 led to my first camera purchase and nothing has been the same for me since. It was as if I’d suddenly opened a door to a place I could call home. There's something spiritual in observing the world through the lens and being fully present, attuned to it, at the same time. Outdoor photography connects you to nature, to a higher power, to yourself, and then finally to the people who 'get it' when they view your work, as if they were there in the field with you all along.

I believe photography has the power to give us all a common ground, a place where we can come together and to recognize a familiarity at the core of our humanity. I like being a part of that. And, I believe we all need that now more than ever.
Self-taught, I have more than fifteen years' experience now chasing light and capturing nature's fleeting moments. I’m still constantly learning something new about landscape and water photography.

Most often I'm inspired by the middle of nowhere, the simple places we pass by along the way to somewhere else that are extraordinary. I continue to find the process and the landscapes nothing less than magical.

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